We believe in a world where Customers Insights-based decisions are available to all Merchants

This website is of all Merchants, online or offline, young or more experienced, working for retailers, manufacturers or distributors.

The objective of this website is to make knowledge available and free for as many people as possible, from simple definitions to working processes or tools tutorial.

How to use HPT/PEDIA

🔎 use the search function on the upper right corner of the screen to find the information you are looking for: just type a keyword and the list of available articles will appear.
Every time a word is underlined, you can click it to jump to the article related to this topic

How to Read HPT/PEDIA Articles

In most articles, you will find the following information and icons

🎓 gives you the definition of the topic and what are the objectives of using it
💡shares some ideas and tricks about the topic
📅recommends you the frequency - if it is a process - at which the task should be executed
📨 shares idea on automation
🖥️explains how you can make it happen in Ariane (category management solution) or Ulys CRM
🗄️illustrate the topic with a relevant Business Case (wip)
🎁 represent the take-ways of each article. They can be found at the bottom of each page

We hope it will be useful and help you continuously deliver a wonderful shopping experience to your clients, of the customers of your clients.

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