🎓 Definition

A campaign is a set of special offers proposed to customers over a period of time. Campaigns can serve several purposes and focus on various targeted members or future members.

  • Recruitment campaigns to invite new members
  • Activation campaign, to stimulate specific members
  • Promotion Campaigns
  • Private Label Campaigns
  • CSR Campaigns
💡 Campaign's Types

Our approach to defining Campaign Types is based on their target (other typologies can work fine as well as long as they enable you to increase your ROI). Building on this approach, we define x types of campaigns

● CRM exclusive: they are available only to carded customers
● Non-CRM Exclusive: they concern all shoppers
● Targeted Customers: they address only a specific segment of Customers

💡Campaign objectives

As in all promotions, the definition of the Campaign Objectives plays an important role in the building of the Campaign and its results. Here are some examples of possible objectives.

Capture share of spending during a specific period. This can be a relevant objective in a highly competitive arena, or in a payday context. The commercial offer will focus on all basic items, mechanics will mostly be priced off and the key indicators will be sales value and the total number of baskets.
Invite Customers to experience a category. Imagine a specific category that has both Penetration and basket challenges. In order to attract shoppers in this specific category, you can propose a special discount that applies to all items in this category. In this scenario, penetration and the number of transactions' growth for this category will be your first indicator. And you will follow the customers who bought products in this category for the first time during the campaign to see if, one month after, they are keeping on buying products.
Invite Customers to experience a specific Brand
Grow Basket Value  
● Grow Margin

● Traffic Growth. This type of campaign will often be used for lapsing or lost customers. The idea is that the message - and the rewards - are so compelling that Customers come back to visit the store

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