🎓 Definition

The assortment distribution defines in which store an item is distributed. Though it might seem easy, the optimization of the distribution very often represent the low hanging fruits of sales growth. Because of the complexity of Range Structures, Store Format and Store Clustering, retailers’ Teams are often lost in mapping the distribution.

The priority, for both retailers and suppliers, is to ensure that items which are both among the Top 20% national sales and with less than 100% distribution be immediately distributed in all stores.

🖥️ Make it happen in Ariane

How to access Assortment Distribution in Ariane: 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Select the Pareto Menu in the Range Menu Bar.

Step 2: Select Option in the Filter Menu and choose the KPI, hierarchy level and Promotion filter you want to measure.

Step 3: Select the period you want to measure.

And here it is.