🎓 Definition

Basket number of items refers to the total number of products purchased by a Customer in a single transaction or "Basket."

🧪 Example of Basket Number of Items

A customer walks into a grocery store and purchases the following:

1 Loaf of bread at 2 USD
1 Gallon of milk at 2.5 USD
3 Apples at 0.5 USD per apples
2 Cans of soup at 1.25 USD per can
1 Box of cereal at 4 USD

The Basket number of items (Number of Unique SKUs) from above transaction is 5.

❓How to increase the Basket Number of Items

Knowing the basket number of item evolution, Retailers can therefore decide on different strategies to drive their Customer spending.

  • Retailers can use Household Basket data to identify which products are frequently purchased together and adjust their display. For example, if customers often purchase chips and salsa together, a Retailer may decide to display these items near each other in the store to encourage additional purchases, it is commonly known as Cross-Merchandising.
  • To measure and understand the basket evolution based on the basket number of items, whether a Customer buys more or less product during their shopping.
  • Based on Campaign Analytics, Retailers may find which promotion mechanic is the most effective to drive additional product purchases. For example, "Buy item A, get 50% off on item B" promotion drive more spending from Customers who did not plan to purchase item B, furthermore, Customer might discover a new product and can encourage repeat purchase.

🖥️ Make it happen in Ariane CRM

How to access Basket Number of items in Ariane: 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Select the Basket Evolution Menu in the Shopper Menu Bar.


Step 2: Select Option in the Filter Menu and choose the # of Item Metrics you want.

Step 3: Select the frequency at which you want to measure your # of Item Metrics.

And here it is.

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